MoverAI Software Features

Impress your clients with MoverAI: a state of the art moving software

MoverAI uses the latest AI technology to revamp and revolutionize the scope of moving operations to wow you and your clients alike.

Meet MoverAI: an AI-based moving software equipped with unique features and capabilities.

MoverAI is a revolutionary software solution tailored to the specific needs of a 21st century moving company. MoverAI is designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and optimize customer satisfaction. Here’s why it’s a game-changer for the moving industry:

Software Features for Moving Companies:

Automated Pricing and Scheduling: With MoverAI, you can schedule local and long distance moves with the option to add multiple stops, pick-ups, drop offs and co-jobs. Co-jobs include packing, box delivery storage, on site estimation and multi-day moves. MoverAI automatically calculates the distance, labor, volume of the inventory and price of the move.

Comprehensive Inventory List: Comes with an extensive built-in inventory list. The inventory list includes standard volume and weight that you can modify accordingly.

Customizable Operations: Option to adjust inputs such as tariff, labor units, transportation, packing, and inventory units.

Visual Inventory with Real-Time Uploads: Clients can upload photos or videos of their belongings into MoverAI. Videos are saved with time stamps, adhering to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Integration of Leads: View & receive all moving leads from your website or choice of lead provider. You can integrate leads using a simple link.

Advanced Letter Designer: Generates advanced and personalized letters to clients, including a ‘Welcome’ letter, ‘Booking Confirmation’ letter, ‘Estimate’ letter, ‘Request Credit Card Payment’ letter. You can fully customizable letters and send them to clients with a single click. The letter designer means you can easily follow-up with clients to increase your chances of booking the job.

Broker and Agent Integration: Co-operates with brokers and agents to integrate all booked jobs onto the loadboard. Agents have their own MoverAI login where they can manage and request jobs.

Advanced AI Chat and SMS Communication: Offers an AI-powered chat for moving-related questions and the ability to send texts directly from the software to customers or crew members.

Efficient Foreman Communication: The foreman can login to MoverAI and view all assigned jobs. The foreman can also collect signatures and payments on the job, as well as indicate the start and end time of the job.

Features for Your Clients in MoverAI:

Customer Portal: Customers can track the entirety of their move, manage their inventory, sign documents, request estimates, make payments, and get support—all from an intuitive online portal.

Easy Inventory Management: Upload photos and videos of their inventory to ensure accuracy of the moving estimate. Customers can also log in to add or remove items from their inventory, in case anything changes.

Seamless Documentation: Clients can sign any documents from their phone/device

Built-in Payment Processing: Clients can pay for their moves within the portal, with support for credit card and ACH payments.

Paperless Documentation: Customers can electronically sign any document instantly using their device, supporting a paperless and efficient operation.